Autism Dog Services Inc. 

support for our familiesADS does local placements in the most parts of the GTA, Hamilton and most of Southwestern Ontario region in order to be able to provide frequent and ongoing communication and follow up with our graduated families and our wait list families. We are regularly out in the community training and visiting clients and are always available for support when required. Our goal is to have our Service Dog teams be as successful as possible and we want to be available to facilitate that process.


ADS does not require parents to attend a week long training session at a location away from their home. All our placements are home based in and around the families home and community. This alleviates the stress of a parent having to leave home for a week or more for intensive training when they receive their Service Dog. We run a variety of information sessions for our families who are waiting to receive their Service Dog throughout the year and we expect families to attend a minimum of 4 sessions before receiving their Service Dog.


support2ADS welcomes a close working relationship with all the families who are waiting to receive a dog as soon as they are accepted onto our waitlist. We welcome families to training sessions and workshops on a regular basis to maintain and build a strong partnership that will continue into and beyond when a family receives their Service Dog.