Autism Dog Services Inc. 

Alek joined his grade 2 class on a trip to the Toronto Zoo with his mom, Babet and his service dog Benson. Here is what Babet had to share with us about the trip:

Alek Benson“It was an amazing trip for everyone! It went very smoothly, the zoo required all of the necessary paperwork (vaccinations, proof that he was a service animal, etc). So we went with his grade 2 class and got to go with our group as well a guide to escort us through the zoo while we were on the grounds.

The zoo is still taking data and a studying having service dogs in the park and how they re-act and how the other animals re-act. None of the animals re-acted negatively and Benson behaved himself as well. The only area that we couldn’t enter was the open flying area for birds so the guide took us to another area which we could view fish and meet up with our group.

The guide told us that we were welcome to come with service dogs and the best time since it isn’t too busy would be fall, winter. During the summer/weekends can get very busy.

Any time we needed to rest, give Benson water, they went to grab some from the water fountains. They were very accommodating!”