Autism Dog Services Inc. 

Alexander is a bright and gentle 9 year old boy with a great sense of humour.

alexanderHe has a unique gift in Mathematics. He says he wants to be a mathematician when he grows up. Alexander has perfect pitch and plays the piano. He loves building complex domino structures and baking pastries. He was diagnosed with ASD – autism and experiences some difficulties socializing and talking to others. He is our only child and would love to have an autism dog to keep him company so he wouldn’t feel lonely. Alexander wants to have his ‘new friend’ to accompany him to school and other places especially when walking or running outside which he loves to do. The ADS dog would meet his needs for an extra safety anchor and would also keep him calm in various stressful situations.
Alexander keeps saying to us: When can I have the dog? When can I see him? I want to play with my new friend.

Alexander’s family

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