Autism Dog Services Inc. 

Deciding to apply for a service dog for our daughter Brynn was a big decision for our family. Our family had never had a dog before and even more challenging, Brynn didn’t even like dogs!


After thinking about it for almost a year we finally decided to go for it and apply and I can’t tell you how happy we are that we did.
We were quite worried at the start of the process about how Brynn was going to react to a dog. The dogs she had met before at family events or out in the neighborhood scared her.
It turns out we didn’t need to worry at all. From the first day Tyrus came into our house, Brynn loved him.
The impact Tyrus has had on Brynn has been just amazing. We see the biggest gains for Brynn socially. Brynn is 10 years old and non-verbal. Until Tyrus came, when friends would come over, they would say hello to Brynn but would then move onto playing with each other. Now, because Tyrus is “Brynn’s dog”, they talk to her about him, they ask if they can pet him and how they can play with them. It makes Brynn the center of attention wherever we go and she loves it!
Tyrus has also been great for Brynn’s self esteem. Its her responsibility to feed him and brush him. You can tell she takes this job very seriously and feels very important to be given suchan important responsibility. It helps knowing that her brother and sister would LOVE to be able to feed the dog. In the warmer weather, Brynn also helps walk Tyrus. Before Ty came, we hadn’t gone for a walk as a family since Brynn was in a stroller. She didn’t like walking at all and would pull us to go home. When she walks Ty, she knows that it’s her job to hold onto him and make sure he gets his exercise. We no longer have to hold her hand when we walk and its given her such a sense freedom and independence and has made going for walks as a family, something she loves to do.

We have even seen gains from Brynn with her language. Until Tyrus, Brynn was using some signs, but only 1 word at a time. In the last few months she has put her first 2 word sentence together in sign and that sentence is “dog, cookie”. She wants to give her dog a cookie! That alone speaks volumes to us about how much she loves this dog!
Having Tyrus come into our family was one of the best decisions we have ever made. He’s such a calm, loving dog. He’s fit in effortlessly. None of us can imagine a life without Tyrus.
We are so grateful to Wade and his team for making this possible. We have enjoyed working with them immensely. They have been, and continue to be a great support to our family. Thank you ADS for such a wonderful gift!