Autism Dog Services Inc. 

Callum practicing walking with a service dog in training

Callum “Our family is anxiously awaiting a service dog for Callum. Callum and his sister both have ASD, but behave quite differently. Alanna walks slowly but steadily and will stay with one of our family members. Callum on the other hand likes to be free and experience the open road. He runs ahead, then stops, spins, goes sideways, backwards. All over except forward. Walking with Callum and Alanna is challenging, trying to keep them together. When Callum is practicing with the service dog, he will stay with the dog and the group walking. He’s learning to communicate with the dogs by pressing on their backs. Callum and the entire family love dogs and have had one constantly, except for the last year on the waiting list. Callum’s service dog will make a great difference to us all”

-Andrea, Callum’s mom

To make a donation in support of Callum’s future service dog please visit: Callum’s Giving Page