Autism Dog Services Inc. 

In the winter of 2013, Bentley accompanied the Moffat family on a trip to Disney. Bentley works with Carter and was such a great help in Disney!

Carter BentleyHere is what Carter’s mom, Stacey had to share about their wonderful family vacation:
“Bentley was such a great help to Carter (and me) at Disney World….Carter and Bentley walked together really well through the Magic Kingdom and the Animal Kingdom (the two parks we visited).
Bentley even went on some rides with us. He really was awesome…I’m so glad we had him along. At one point, Andrew went to get a special pass for the rides and he took Bentley with him. Walking a very short distance with Carter was challenging because of all the people around. Carter did not want to hold my hand nor did he want me to guide him by the shoulder. I was really grateful to have Bentley for Carter to walk with. It was quite an experience dealing with the people around us and their reaction to seeing a dog – I tried to avoid making eye contact but in a busy place like the Magic Kingdom even that doesn’t always work. Oh well!
All in all it was a great trip. I just wanted to let you know and I wanted to say thanks for all that you do!”