Autism Dog Services Inc. 

Jan is one and only. That is what we keep telling him:

janhow rare is that a red head with blue eyes is born to both parents of brown hair/eyes of Polish origin? He is colour orange: all about him. A happy child, very active and full of love. His diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome and ADHD came as a shock but answered many questions and helped us find out better how to help him make sense of the world around him. He was always such an animal lover. When Jan was 2 yo we visited family back in Poland and one day he went missing. Everyone was looking for him, calling his name but there was no answer. Worried and scared, we searched the street only to find out that he was in a little dog house in a neighbour’s yard. Snuggled up with the dog of course! Every one was astonished because the dog was very smelly and treated badly by his owner, barking at everyone and strapped by the chain. It was not an issue for Jan and his big heart!
Jan was always asking us about getting a dog. A service dog is perfect because it can accompany us to Poland! All the hesitations we had in getting a dog are not an issue with the service dog. For example we have no experience in dog training. ADS will teach us and coach us through the training so that we can maintain the quality of service the dog is able to provide.
Jan knows it will take a long time to get his dog but he is so very excited. Because he doesn’t understand people so well dogs make more sense to him. Imagine a child who wants to be friends and be loved but doesn’t know how to: that is Jan. His frustrations with every day life put a lot of stress on him, stress that service dog will help him relieve. Many autistic children don’t look for contact with others. Jan is not typical in that way. He wants closeness and a relationship: he is just struggling greatly with being able to connect with his peers and siblings. It is so much easier to connect with a dog. Dogs are not complicated, they don’t talk- that’s where the confusion often comes in with Jan. They are best friends, they love touch- just like Jan. And they love to run and fetch the ball!
A dog will enhance Jan’s quality of life so very much. We believe in it, we know it will happen. Seeing Jan’s love for the animals and their ability to calm his senses and relieve his stress – we are asking for your support in helping sponsoring ADS. For Jan a service dog will enable outings to the community and public places but also will become his best friend, someone Jan needs so much as the world around him doesn’t understand his unique logic and high energy. The dog will accept him without judgement and give him lots of sensory stimulation which Jan needs so much. We are very excited and so happy for Jan to be on the wait list with ADS!
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