Autism Dog Services Inc. 

Before acquiring his own service dog, Jordyn was shy and cautious around the ADS dogs and puppies in training, but he was immediately very accepting and comfortable with Nelson.

Jordyn NelsonThey had an instant connection, and Nelson’s calm, quiet and cuddly nature is ideal for Jordyn.

Jordyn delights in watching Nelson just being himself, and Jordyn’s mom, Kelli reports that during the first moments the pair was happily engaged with each other. Kelli continues to enjoy watching Jordyn giggle at the sight of Nelson being his silly dog self when he’s out of his service dog jacket, and loves seeing him snuggle up to Nelson for comfort. Jordyn explores his new companion by looking in his ears, nose, and mouth by lifting up his jowls. And Nelson is calm and patient throughout each examination. Kelli was most surprised to see Jordyn seek comfort from Nelson by lying across him, something she never thought he would do with any dog. This is one of the biggest benefits Kelli witnessed early in the process, the comfort Nelson has brought to her son.

Jordyn has learned how to feed Nelson, and Kelli assists him with this daily responsibility, which also helps increase the bonding process between the dog and his child. Walking is another regular part of the family’s routine and Jordyn is getting really good at walking him outside and in between places. It is Jordyn’s job to hold onto the handle on Nelson’s service dog jacket. This is a big leap in independence for Jordyn who used to hold onto mom’s arm while walking and transitioning.

Communication has also been a bit benefit of having Nelson involved in the daily routine. Jordyn repeats a lot of the commands after his mom, and Kelli initially thought he was echoing her commands, but when she asks “what do we tell Nelson now?” Kelli learned that Jordyn gives her the correct answer each time and this gives Jordyn a sense of control that Nelson responds to him and follows his directions.

Jordyn and Nelson have been working with each other for the past few months. We look forward to hearing their progress in the future. Stay tuned for further updates on this amazing team!

To make a donation in honour of Jordyn and Nelson please visit: Jordyn’s Giving Page