Autism Dog Services Inc. 

After doing some research, we choose to apply to ADS for an autism service dog for our 14-year old

autistic daughter,

Kaylin. We were aware of the positive benefits that a service dog could provide

for our child but choose ADS because we liked the customized approach and ongoing support that

they provided throughout the process and after placement. I was particularly impressed with ADS’s

commitment to finding the right canine partner that would bond with our daughter but also integrate

well with everyone in our family. This was very important to us as we had an existing older pet dog in

our family and I was a bit concerned how the two dogs would get along. Throughout the process, Kaylin

enjoyed her visits to Vaughn Mills to meet the various puppies and begin learning how to walk them and

some simple commands. Each time, she seemed to be drawn to a different puppy, so when the time

came to pair Kaylin with her dog, we were curious to see how Kaylin would bond with the dog. After

meeting a few potentials that Kaylin had little interest in, we were introduced to Carter, a big, beautiful

chocolate lab that is now adored by our entire family. I knew that Carter was the one when Kaylin didn’t

want him to leave our home after an initial visit. She was very curious about him and followed him

around and when we went for our training session later that week, she would not let any other child

near him. He also wanted to stay with her and so they seemed to pick each other. Our family was so

fortunate to be paired with Carter. Kaylin enjoys his companionship as they play baby together. She

enjoys walking him and talking him to the grocery store. She loves the independence of not holding

Mom’s hand, enjoys the positive interactions with the public as they ask to greet him and seems to

understand that she is responsible for him. He also fits in perfectly with our family. We are an active

group and Carter is able to keep up with the events of the day and has become best friends with our

existing pet dog and Kaylin’s younger sister.

After almost 6 months of living with Carter, he has captured all our hearts. He is our daughter’s

protector and companion and a member of our family. And ADS continues to support our family. I

would recommend ADS to families interested in exploring this opportunity for their autistic children and

encourage members of the public to consider supporting this organization in any way they can. It has

truly made a difference in our child’s life.