Autism Dog Services Inc. 

Matthew is a very bright, happy and loving boy; he is highly independent and curious.

Matthew LinusHe has a natural love for the outdoors. Given a choice between playing outside and or staying inside, he will always choose outside. One of Matthew’s outside interests is to go for long walks and he also loves to play all outdoor sports such as baseball, soccer and Frisbee.

One of the side effects of Matthew’s condition is a tendency to wander off. In times of high stress and frustration or in high sensory environments, he will “bolt”, try to get away, or hide. His new service dog, Linus will aid in Matthew’s ability to transition from one task to another and provide an anchor when he is feeling stressed or frustrated. Linus also acts as a constant companion at all times at home, and eventually at school. Matthew enjoys more independence moving around during his daily routine which also increases his confidence facing new challenges.

Linus is not simply a pet; he is a working companion and a source of comfort and safety for many years.