Autism Dog Services Inc. 

Meet Max & Scooby. Max is 8 years old and has Autism. Scooby will be his Autism Dog.

MaxScoobyMax experiences very high levels of anxiety in public places and especially at school. Because he is scared and uncomfortable, he can become easily frustrated, repetitive or aggressive. A Service Dog could help him so much by bringing him comfort, space, as well as increase his confidence and self esteem. Max needs constant reminders about self care, safety and responsibility. Scooby is becoming his best friend and he helps Max in so many ways. If Scooby could go to school with him, it would help him to make friends, stay sitting down, and definitely calm his heart. Max is a smart, funny and special kind of boy you never forget. He lives for legos and the outdoors. He has a yellow belt in Kung Fu, and goes to horseback riding every week. He loves to swim, ride his bike, watch movies, and loves to learn. He works hard every day and needs your help to fund his Service Dog. We are raising money to help Autism Dog Services support Max and the needs of other little ones that need a dog like Scooby Doo. If you only knew how much this will help ~ Thank you so much.

To make a donation in honour of Max and Scooby please visit Max’s giving page.