Autism Dog Services Inc. 

Meet Perrin. Perrin is 9 years old with Asperger’s Syndrome.

PerrinPerrin is a wonderful, caring, sweet, amazingly smart young man. Perrin and our whole family are very excited to be on the waiting list for an Autism Service dog. Perrin has always shown a great love for animals and is able to connect with animals of all kind on a certain level that most of us will never have the pleasure to experience or understand. Because of Perrin’s autism he experiences and understands the world completely different from the rest of us. Perrin often has trouble coping in high stress and high sensory situations which cause him to become easily angry and frustrated. We know that having a dog will be able to bring Perrin comfort and security, as well as bring peace back into our lives. Perrin has two sisters at home who would also benefit from our Autism service dog because right now it is often difficult for us to go out and enjoy activities as a family due to the often unpredictable behaviour of Perrin. Perrin is looking for not just a service dog, but a best friend. We believe that if a child can connect to a dog then they will connect to the world.

Please visit Perrin’s giving page to make a donation in support of his service dog.
Wiseman family
-Jenna, Jeff, Perrin, Chantelle, and Hannah

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