Autism Dog Services Inc. 

“Seth is almost 6 years old. He loves all things cars. His favorite colour is pink. His favorite food is Mac and Cheese.

SethHe is not a fan of candy, cake, ice cream or anything sweet. Seth struggles with bedtime, often staying up past 10:30 or 11 each night. Seth likes things his own way, and has troubles when things don’t happen how he wants them to.

He will hold you to your word and has an incredible memory. He is very inquisitive and constantly challenges us with thought-provoking questions. He is a loveable, sweet and sensitive boy who loves animals and nature.
We have been on the wait list since October of 2012. We had not heard about Service Dogs for Autism so we were very excited to learn of the possibility that we might be able to have one for Seth. We have heard that these dogs are very helpful with giving kids a constant, something they can count on when things around them are changing. We have heard they help with sleep issues as well, providing security and comfort at bedtime by sleeping with them. We hope to gain these benefits for Seth, and that he will find a companion that will be there through all his challenges and triumphs. School has not been his favorite place this year, as he has a hard time leaving his house, toys and familiar surroundings. We look forward to having his dog go with him to school in the future, as we know it will be a challenge for him. With the aid of a dog, maybe he will really excel, become more social and perhaps even form a few friendships. We are very excited at the possibilities!
So far our experience with ADS has been nothing but fantastic. Wade, Allison and the rest of the staff are so helpful and knowledgeable in the field of Autism and Service Dogs. They are really almost like extended family, and are so warm and welcoming every time we have had contact with them, be it over the phone, by email or in person. The support is phenomenal. We are very lucky to have found ADS!”
-Charlotte Lackey

To make a donation in support of Seth’s service dog please visit: Seth’s Giving Page