Autism Dog Services Inc. 

Diana is a mother of two boys on the Autism Spectrum. Each of the boys have their own service dogs which accompany them to high school on a daily basis. The dogs have both brought different benefits to each of her boys. Diana shares a bit about each service dog team:

 Todd & Aspen
Todd Aspen“Aspen provides comfort and stability which is huge for Todd to be successful. Todd and Aspen managed a big transition to high school this year really well! Todd has high anxiety and has aggression related to this anxiety. Aspen ensures that Todd stays seated at school and available to learning. Todd had a wonderful first year at high school and we attribute his success to Aspen’s presence and service. With Aspen at his side, he is able to finally have success going out in the community.” 




 Alex & Pepsi

Alex Pepsi“We are very pleased with the role Pepsi has in helping Alex to focus on moving forward. Alex has a compulsive tendency to touch things. It severely impaired his day to day life. Going even short distances took a considerable amount of time because he had to touch everything! Now with Pepsi at his side, he walks confidently and with virtually no tapping! Pepsi also keeps Alex focused on the task at hand and prevents him from wandering away. Alex has had great success in the community because of the assistance of Pepsi!

Autism Dog Services has been amazing with their support and continued service. They have been involved from day one. They supported us during the wait, placement and after placement and are available whenever needed to answer any concerns, and to train new handlers.” -Diana Alves