Autism Dog Services Inc. 

Tristan is a fun loving 4 yr old who loves Thomas the train, bubbles, and ice cream.

TristanHe is a delight to us and is always making us laugh. His favourite video games are Angry Birds and sonic the hedgehog, which he plays, with vigour, on his iPad. From attending a special needs Preschool and going to a special JK program, Tristan is truly making strides! We are so proud of him!
Tristan was diagnosed with autism shortly after his 3rd birthday. He has language and social delays and has trouble coping in high stress situations, as well as trouble with transitioning. When we are out, if he isn’t in the stroller, he is running off. Having a dog through Autism Dog Services, will definitely be a huge help to Tristan and our family. I’m hoping it will help Tristan feel calmer and more in control. I know it will help keep him safe! And I can’t wait to ditch the stroller and let him walk around like any other kid. He deserves that kind of independence too.
Thank you for any donations you make on Tristan’s behalf. It is truly appreciated!
-The Martins Family
Diane, Luis & Tristan
Please visit Tristan’s Giving Page to make a donation in support of his service dog.