Autism Dog Services Inc. 

Kyler is a bright and happy boy with Autism Spectrum Disorder. At first glance one may not be able to tell any difference between Kyler and any other young boy, however he faces many challanges associated with ASD that are not always seen on the surface.

 Difficulty navigating uncertain, open-ended situations, handling changes in daily routines, dealing with social interaction and integration and sensory sensitivities are a few of his daily ongoing struggles.

Hudson, an 11 year old Labrador Retriever is part of Kyler's family and has been his companion and friend throughout childhood. There has always been a special bond between Kyler and Hudson, but after Kyler's diagnosis it was so clear, Hudson was the service dog he did not know he had. The calming effect that Hudson has on Kyler when he is having a difficult time dealing with any of the number of challenges he may face on a daily basis was apparent right away.

A specially trained autism service dog will help Kyler be more comfortable, secure and confident in daily routine, travel, social situations as well as with recreational activities so that he can participate, where that is currently not possible. The stability and consistency of a specially trained support dog will help reduce Kyler's stress and anxiety when dealing with new people, locations or situations and changes to his normal routine. A service dog will be the constant that keep Kyler open to his environment, so that he does not turn inward or shut out those around him. The companionship of and responsibility of caring for a service dog will play a large and positive role in Kyler's life over the next number of years as it will support his development and build his self-esteem as he grows from child to teen.

Hudson is a mature dog and it is uncertain how many more years he will be supporting Kyler, but now that he has been chosen to receive a Autism Service Dog, Kyler knows there will still be a four legged friend who will be able to go everywhere with him and help him navigate those uncertain times and places that are a part of everyday life. This bennefit is one that will stay with Kyler for years to come.


Visit Kyler's giving page to make a donation in honour of Kyler: Kyler's Kompanion