Autism Dog Services Inc. 

Lucky is 7 years old and has a very rare genetic disorder called Kabuki Syndrome.

luckyHis name is Lukas, but we started calling him Lucky when he was a baby, and every day he seems to live up to the name. He has always loved animals and responds to them more than anything else. He wants to grow up to be a dog. Disney CARS are his favorite toy. He loves vegetables and would choose to eat a pickle or a green pepper over a cookie any day.
We began thinking about a service dog for Lucky when a teacher at his school was fostering an autism service dog in training and we saw the incredible effect this dog had on our son.
I started looking for an organization that would consider Lucky for a dog and found ADS, who have been wonderful in welcoming our family. We know Lucky’s dog will give him a much needed sense of independence and will help alleviate our fears of his urge to wander and run off without any understanding of danger. We are hopeful his dog will help him to finally sleep during the night allowing our whole family to get back to a normal sleeping pattern. We look forward to the easing of anxieties his dog will provide by offering a sense of comfort and security as we have already seen this at his school.
We are truly “lucky” to have found ADS and are so excited to be on the wait list for a dog for Lucky.
The Cuyler family
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