Autism Dog Services Inc. 

“On November 13th 2010 we brought home a beautiful black lab named Findley and the dynamics of our household changed almost instantly. Everyone is the household seemed happier.
Rodney and Findley bond a little more each day, it really is amazing to watch! Rodney used to wake up 4-5 times a night having screaming fits. Since Findley has been sleeping on his bed they are nearly gone and he rarely wakes up at all through the night.
Going out in public was a huge difficulty for us and we had eventually just stopped bringing Rodney with us. Now with him holding onto Findley it has been a lot easier. Rodney used to stop every 2 seconds to look at something and if we tried to pull him away it would be a huge meltdown. This would turn a 20min shopping trip into hours. Now if Rodney takes too long we just give the “forward” command to Findley and he will distract Rodney and pull him along with no meltdown! Rodney also no longer seeks out deep pressure by leaning against strangers or trying to hold onto them. He now just holds onto his dog and if we stop to look at something he will get down and give him a big hug until its time to move on again.
Rodney’s overall behaviour has also changed and he seems to be a lot calmer then he used to be. He is however very excited to take Findley to school in the Fall 2011″ -Christine, Rodney’s mom