Autism Dog Services Inc. 

“There are so many great charities out there to support but the really wonderful thing about ADS is that every single penny of every donation goes directly to providing the training and support of the amazing animals that can offer so much assistance and make such a difference in the life of a child with autism and in the lives of all the family members of those kids. It is hard to comprehend how much of a difference these amazing animals can make…but I’ve seen it myself and it’s just remarkable. Children who could never sleep on their own are now sleeping without having to have a parent in bed with them, because the dog calms them down. Kids can take the dogs into stressful environments such as schools, malls, restaurants and this keeps them secure and calm. Parents can breathe a sigh of relief when going on an outing and knowing their child cannot run into the middle of the road or take off in a public place because they are tethered to the dog and that keeps them safe. It offers independence and security as well as a loving companion. These are all things we wish for our little Eric now that he has Maris. Of course the cost of training these animals is so high and all of ADS is paid for by fundraising and charitable donations. So I just wanted to thank all of you who came last night and supported this very tiny, yet very significant charity!It means so much to our entire family to have such supportive friends!
Thanks from all of us…especially Eric!!!” -Cathy Okopny, Eric’s mom.