Autism Dog Services Inc. 

“Wade and Autism Dog Services have been nothing but a god send to my daughter and our family. My 6 year old daughter has autism and our dog Spencer has made such a amazing impact in her life. He has provided her with the grounding and security that many kids with autism lack.
Wade has become an important part of our family and has given us a new direction in our lives. He has been a incredible dog trainer, friend and confidant. There has never been a problem too big or small that Wade will not help with when it comes to the training of Spencer. He invests the time and energy required in order to have a well balanced service dog. I had been searching for quite a long period of time for a program or trainer that would aid us in providing a autism service dog for Christina. I found a lot of trainers were making unrealistic promises and offering to train a dog for us without even assessing our situation or if a dog would even work into our hectic lives. When I spoke to Wade there was no promises, he told me the sacrifices that would have to be made and the amount of time we as a family would have to invest. Right away after our first conversation I knew this was the trainer for us. I also respected the fact that he wanted to come out to the house a few times and spend some time with our family and Christina to make sure that this was something that would work for us. Right then and there I knew this was going to work and we never looked back.” -Monique Lee Montada, Christina’s mom.