Autism Dog Services Inc. 

“When my husband and I first starting talking about a service dog for our son, we did have an idea that some fundraising would be involved; we were however more than a little intimidated by the value of the dog and almost didn’t go through with pursuing it. We didn’t want to be depending on our family and friends over and over again to support our events and donate to our cause. However, we surprised ourselves and were able to fundraise $18, 000 for the organization in a little over six months. I used Ethan’s school as a starting point and was able to advertise our events through notices that went home with the students. Very early on we were overwhelmed by the support and I have never felt more connected with our community than I do now. Not only were we able to raise funds for ADS but we really increased our neighbourhood’s awareness about our son; and as a result not only have his “quirks” become accepted by a much larger part of the community, but more people look out for him. The “ADS community” was also extremely supportive and encouraging. One parent, in particular, kept in touch always offering assistance. If you think your son or daughter would benefit from a service dog, the fundraising really is doable and in the end well worth the effort.”
-Ingrid Macey, Ethan’s mom.