Autism Dog Services Inc. 

1ADS does not house any of its dogs in training in a kennel environment. All dogs are raised in homes beginning from birth through the puppy program, advanced training program to placement in a family’s home. This allows us to avoid some of the stress that is often attributed to having a dog in a kennel. It also gives the trainers an opportunity to get to know each dog and all of its different behaviour and mannerisms in a very personal way. This allows us to manage house behaviours and sometimes train a dog in a shorter period of time because we have access to the dog 24/7 and can practice training techniques on an ongoing basis. The close personal connection we develop with each dog can also help to make the best match possible when deciding on a placement family for a dog.


2ADS has a training staff that has a combined total of over a 100 years of training experience. Our team works together to keep up to date on training practices and are always trying to better the process and produce dogs that are of a very high quality and standard. There are always things to learn and our training staff enjoys bettering our program and our Service Dogs in every way possible.


3We have a strong puppy program and we strive to support each volunteer puppy raiser as much as possible to get each dog to reach their full potential and grow up to be a wise and mature Service dog!