Autism Dog Services Inc. 


ADS Puppy and Dog Adoptions

Adopt an ADS dog that doesn’t meet criteria to become a service dog! ADS puppies and dogs in training may be released from their training programs at any time. ADS puppies or dogs that do not meet standards for behaviour, health or temperament are disqualified and adopted out as companion or pet dogs to either their foster families or those who have been approved by ADS and are waiting on the adoption list. These dogs typically have minor health or behaviour problems and would make wonderful pet dogs.

Companion Dogs for Children or Adults with Special Needs

ADS matches companion dogs with individuals who would benefit from the companionship of a dog in their home.  These dogs have been through a portion of the training process but were unable to complete the full certification for becoming a service dog.  These dogs will not have any public access or a service dog jacket but would make a lovely companion for a child or adult.  If you or a family member could benefit from a companion dog please complete the adoption form and indicate so on the related question on the form.  If you have any questions please contact 

Who can apply to be put on the adoption list?
Dogs are available to residents of the GTA, Cambridge, K-W, London, Windsor, and surrounding areas.

Adoption Fee
ADS has an adoption fee for the adoption of our released puppies/dogs to help ADS to cover expenses that the puppy or dog has incurred while in the ADS training program. For more information about adopting a disqualified dog contact  or fill out the form below.