Autism Dog Services Inc. 


ADS Aspen with ToddTherapeutic Benefits of ADS Autism Service Dogs:

• Safety for the child
Children with autism will often act impulsively and may have no fear of traffic or other dangers in the environment. The dog keeps the child grounded and safe.

• Constant friendship
The dog becomes a long-term consistent friend who is always there for the child. As the child bonds to become best friends with the dog, this bond enhances the child’s self-esteem, especially when interacting with a child’s peer group.

• Behavioural support
The dog helps with stress control and serves as a constant anchor and behavioural guide for the child. The service dog bridges the gap between peers, allows for greater opportunities for socialization and independence. A child learns daily tasks with service dog that create opportunities to learn responsibility, empathy, socialization, and communication development. There are benefits for family and siblings as well. Parents are more comfortable going places and therefore families can participate in outings together and more often.


ADS Service Dogs
ADS dogs are of the highest quality, with optimal health, temperament, maturity and adaptability. The main breeds trained for the ADS program are Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers. All ADS puppies are raised in homes throughout their lives, and advanced training with the dogs is one-to-one with trained staff.