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Vicky has devoted her career to advocating and helping charitable organizations thrive! She has held both long term fundraising and executive leadership positions with charities such as; The Ontario Lung Association, MitoCanada Foundation, The Children's Safety Village of Brant, Operation Lift and now Autism Dog Services.

Vicky resides with her husband Rick and son Adam in Brantford, ON and her step daughter Meagan lives in Hamilton, ON. Vicky and her husband rescue dogs and give them a life of love and respect.

Contact Vicky with your fundraising ideas, she would love to hear from you!

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Allison has volunteered and worked in the autism service dog industry for the past 20 years.  Allison began her career running a foster puppy program and went on to complete an apprenticeship tranining program through the first organization in the world to train and pair service dogs with children living with autism.  

Allison joined the ADS team in 2009 to continue her work with children, families and service dogs. Allison currently works part-time for ADS and is responsible for supporting client families; including those interested in obtaining more information about acquiring a service dog, supporting and instructing families on the wait list and families who currently have service dogs. Other responsibilities include grant writing, teaching puppy classes and providing one on one training support to puppy raisers. 

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Janine has been involved in the Service Dog industry since 2006 and joined the ADS team in 2013.  She has experience in many areas of ADS including the puppy program, client services, advanced training and client follow-up support.  Janine works part-time for ADS and manages the Puppy Program, the puppy sitters, and adoptions.

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Renee Mauro, Advanced Trainer 
We welcome Renee to the ADS team!
Renee has been working around dogs from a very early age and it's always been her passion.  Renee's work with dogs stretches from veterinarians, dog grooming, fostering, detection work, service dog training, and  ran her own personal dog training business.  She is currently the proud owner of Martindale Kennels and Grooming and partners with a rescue group which she helps rehabilitate rescue dogs.  

Dianne Nyeboer, Puppy Program Coordinator

Dianne has been working and volunteering in the Service Dog industry for the past 12 years. A lifelong animal lover, Dianne has taken many obedience and training classes in addition to being certified in Pet First Aid. She enjoys spoiling her senior dogs: a Labradoodle and a Chocolate Lab who has earned her Intermediate Title in CKC Rally Obedience. Dianne currently works part-time for ADS as the Puppy Program Coordinator and assists with client services.




Carol has been training dogs professionally for over 25 years.  Carol experience includes;

  • Performed behaviour assessments and behaviour modification training for dogs with fear and aggression issues
  • Instructor all levels of obedience, agility and fly ball
  • Trained and handled narcotic, explosive, land mine and arson detection dogs
  • Instructor for Police K9 detection teams
  • Instructor patrol dog K9 teams for prisons, security companies and police
  • Head Trainer National Service Dogs responsible for training, placing and providing follow up for 60 autism teams, 30 PTSD teams, and 20 Canine assisted intervention teams.  Responsible for assessing and assigning all dogs that came through advanced training.

(416) 997-3326


Kate Klassen, Home Support Trainer

Hi, I'm Kate, I've only recently joined the ADS as a trainer, but before this I had volunteered as a puppy raiser. I suppose 'puppy' raiser wouldn't be the greatest description of the job as the youngest dog I helped raise was 6 months when I got him. I thoroughly enjoy a challenge with the dogs I am working with. The most rewarding thing to me, is to help dogs overcome their biggest challenges.
This passion of working with challenging behaviours started as early as 9 when we got my second family dog, a very challenging shih tzu with an aggression problem. I didn't stop my passion for working with dogs as a hobby. I advanced my career and graduated from the Veterinary Technician program at Saint Clair College with honours and rewards.
I am currently a Registered Veterinary Technician, working with animals is the great achievement of my life. I own my own sweet husky mix with his own world of behavioural issues. Working with these dogs to help them become service dogs has become a very worthy and fulfilling part of my life. I'm excited to see where my journey takes me next!


Megan Ireland, Advanced Trainer

Megan has been working with dogs for the past 10 years. She started working with dogs through volunteer opportunities, progressing to a mentoring position with a professional trainer for several years. She has trained dogs in obedience, behavior modification, service dog training and detection work. Most recently, Megan assisted in developing, and coordinating a program utilizing a support dog, who aids vulnerable victims in the aftermath of a crime or tragedy. Megan works part-time for ADS as an Advanced Trainer

Autism Dog Services is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of voluntary community members.

Board Members - 2020

Mike Craig, Chair

Nikki Craig, Vice-Chair

Eric Stephenson - Treasurer

Jordan Pelkmans - Secretary


Eileen Cowan - Director