Autism Dog Services Inc. 

Congratulations to the following Lottery Cash Calendar Winners!  Thank you to the donors and sponsors who made this possible!

June 30 - Scott MacMeekin of Welland, ON. Cash prize of $283.33 sponsored by ADS.

June 28 - Joe Davies of Brantford, ON. $283.34 sponsored by ADS. 

June 29 - Dave Barnard of Niagara Falls, ON $50 cash prize sponsored by Mango Salad in Ingersoll, ON. 
June 27th - Melanie Johnston of Guelph. $50 cash prize sponsored by Team Braxton and Harley

June 26th - Congrats to today's big lottery cash calendar winner Stephanie Mitchell of London, ON. She has won a whopping $283.33 (sponsored by ADS) as well as a $50 gift card to Dominos Pizza, sponsored by the Stratford store.

June 25th - Tracy Gemmiti. $100 cash prize sponsored by Steve and Deb Siegworth.  

June 24th - Eleanor Damanusz of Norwich, ON.  $50 cash prize sponsored by Team Nate and Gramma. 

June 23rd - Marichka Dadic of Brantford, ON.  $100 cash prize sponsored by Tom and Jane Glavin.  

June 22nd - Bill Waters Jr. of Brantford, ON.  $100 cash prize sponsored by Hrudka Family. 

June 21st - Hedrik Vandermaas of Thorold, ON.  $100 Gift Card sponsored by Canadian Tire, Kirkland Lake. 

June 20th - Becca Reid of Exeter, ON.  $50 Gift Card sponsored by Canadian Tire, Ingersoll

June 19th - Kathleen Rea of Toronto, ON.  $100 Canadian Tire Gift Care sponsored by Canadian Tire, Kirkland Lake. 

June 18th - Brian Forti of St. George, ON $50 sponsored by Canadian Tire, Ingersoll. 

June 17th - Lauren Campbell of Hamilton, ON.  $100 gift card sponsored by Canadian Tire, Caledonia.  

June 16th - Joanne Rowe of Milton, ON. $50 cash prize sponsored by Dr. C. Templeman, Optometrist. Ticket Seller Emmy Luo
June 15 - Michelle Blake of Niagara Falls, ON. $100 cash prize sponsored by Glavin Farms. Ticket Seller Roxy Blake.
July 14th Lottery Cash Calendar winner Holly Harris of Brantford, ON. $100 sponsored prize from Jon, Suzy and Scottie Glavin. 

June 13th Lottery Cash Calendar winner Katherine Jefferson of Port Hope, ON is the $100 winner sponsored by Glavin Brothers Painting (team Gray).

June 12th Lottery Cash Calendar winner Melissa Cooper of Pickering, ON won the $50 gift card donated by Aim For Fit, Brantford. 

June 11th Lottery Cash Calendar winner Mary Catherine Dupuis of Waterloo, ON. $50 sponsored by Team Addison and her Gramma. 

June 10th Lottery Cash Calendear winner Donna Marlow of Port Robinson, ON. She is June 10th winner.  $100 provided by Atmosphere Cafe, in Guelph.

June 9th Lottery Cash Calendar winner Tammy White of Brantford. Sponsored $100 cash prize from Donna Mastrankc.

June 8th $50 Pizza Pizza card winner sponsored by the Hamilton Steelcats Hockey Club is Roberta Long of Cayuga.

June 7th Lottery Cash Calendar winner Tim Flack of Brantford, ON $100 sponsored by Pearl Robinson and ADS Axel. 

June 6th Lottery Cash Calendar winner Liz Mason of Princeton, ON. $100 cash prize sponsored by Glanbrook Veterinary Clinic of Hamilton. 

June 5th Lottery Cash Calendar winner Jason Reiger of Zurich, ON. $50 cash prize sponsored in memory of Peter Duchesne. 

June 4th Lottery Cash Calendar winner Adam Pelkmans of Embro, ON. Today's sponsor for $50 cash prize is Dr. Lisa Vettese of Toronto. 

June 3rd Lottery Cash Calendar winner Jeannine Elfner of Dunnville, ON. $50 cash prize sponsored by K9 Fun Zone.

June 2nd Lottery Cash Calendar Winner - Helen Grant of Guelph, ON. Thanks to $50 sponsor: Bank of Montreal, St.Catharines.

June 1st Lottery Cash Calendar Winner - Doug Harris, Brantford, ON. Thanks to $50 sponsor Judy Beal.